As we enter the month of August, we are in the midst of the 2020 hurricane season.  We need to keep vigilant when there is a storm building, however, now is the best time for all of us to review our own personal hurricane plans. 


Here’s a few important preparations:


Lights - be sure you have two or three battery operated lights, and fresh new batteries. Consider the LED portable rechargeable style.  Check now to be sure they work.


Generators - if you have a generator, give it a service check now.  In addition, review it’s safe operation with the service manual.  Have adequate fuel on hand and use a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh through the season.


Cooking - how will you cook if you lose power?  If you have a propane grill, be sure your tanks are refilled.  Do you have an extra tank?  If you use charcoal, have some extra bags and store in a dry location.


Medications - it’s a good idea to keep an adequate supply of daily medications on hand. 


Water - decide how much bottled drinking water you need to keep on hand.


Trees and limbs - check the exterior of your home.  Do you have trees and limbs that need pruning before a heavy windstorm?


Neighbors - do you have neighbors, family or friends who would need assistance?  Now is the time to discuss any mutual assistance we can offer each other.


Emergency management officials always stress the importance of individual hurricane plans, so prepare and update yours now!  This process should include visiting the “Marion County Emergency Management “ website.  Here you’ll find more information about hurricane preparedness, so let’s get familiar with it now!  You’ll also find information about emergency shelter locations and procedures should you need them.


Thanks for taking a moment to review your hurricane plan and making your preparations early.


*The Hurt and the Healer

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